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Created for CPAP patients by a CPAP patient. The PRO•PAP Pillow 2.0 is a revolutionary new sleep pillow, specially designed for the CPAP patient to restore the mind-body relationship through quality sleep.


Award-Winning Sleep Pillow For CPAP Patients


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PRO•PAP™ is the only FDA-reviewed pillow on the market.

Our Best Seller

The PROPAP Pillow 2.0

The PRO•PAP Pillow 2.0 is constructed from a high quality Tempurpedic®-type memory foam, and has a quilted Cool-Max® cover to help regulate body temperature and control perspiration. Elastic bands take the weight of the tubing off of the sleep apnea mask, while comfortably allowing the sleeper to change positions. PRO•PAP™’s patented butterfly shape was designed specifically for the side-sleeping position. The orthopedic roll provides proper support for the neck, whether sleeping on the side or on the back. PRO•PAP was designed for the CPAP patient by a CPAP patient.

New Arrival

Neck Guard

Neck Guard is a revolutionary, new neck support for any trade performing overhead work. Designed with the worker in mind, Neck Guard’s unique shape allows one to work comfortably while maintaining a correct posture. Neck Guard is lightweight, rugged, and easy to use. So whether you are a homeowner with a weekend project, or a professional contractor, Neck Guard offers the performance you need, and the comfort you desire.

Worldwide Shipping

The PRO•PAP™ Pillow 2.0 and Neck Guard are available for shipping to most parts of the globe. Whether you are in UK or Australia, Canada or Germany, France or Japan, and anywhere else in the world.